Birmingham SmartCare is a GP Federation in Birmingham. Formed in 2016 Birmingham SmartCare is a company which is owned and run by local primary care clinicians working together to improve health and well- being.

We have an elected Executive Board of Directors which is made up of GP’S and supported by our Chief Operating Officer. Each member practice has an elected representative who attends the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

We believe that our organisation brings together the strong values of local general practices with the advantages of working at scale and the ability to collaborate on services which cannot practically be provided in smaller settings. Additionally, this is positive for skill sharing, interpersonal learning and the dissemination of best practice. This will ensure the delivery of excellence in general practice.

Birmingham SmartCare prides itself on remaining local to the citizens and patients within its geographical boundaries, and continuously strives to put services and systems in place to improve the health and well being of its population.


 “We aspire to be a leading GP Provider Federation, run by clinicians for the benefit of our local SmartCare population. We will achieve this by working with patients and partners to ensure that general practice remains resilient, sustainable and independent to deliver high quality services for all of our patients”